Safe Roads
Driving Academy

COVID-19 Information

On May 18th the Governor released the four phased plan for reopening the economy and given this new guidance, with his Phase 2 including driver’s education, Safe Roads Driving Academy Inc. will now re-open for in car lessons and observation hours.

In order to reopen safely, we have followed the State’s guidelines and requirements of developing a written control plan outlining the measures that are in place that comply with mandatory safety standards for operation in the COVID-19 reopening period. The following plans, rules, and procedures are subject to change without notice based on guidance from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Governor Baker, the Center of Disease Control, and State, Regional and Nation Profession Driver Education Associations. 

The following links provide all important information that MUST be reviewed before beginning your first lesson during the reopening phase. Each student is required to read all documents, and return the self certification form and hold harmless contract below. All forms must be turned in before or on your first lesson; no student will be allowed to have their lesson if these documents have not been received. These forms can be e-mailed to or given to the instructor on your first lesson.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Safe Roads Driving Academy Reopening Plan

Safe Roads Driving Academy General Policy Changes

Safe Roads Driving Academy STUDENT Self-Certification Form

Safe Roads Driving Academy Hold Harmless Contract

Per Governor Baker’s Executive Order (COVID-19 Order No. 39), Junior Operators in Massachusetts will be allowed to complete up to 6 hours of supervised driving in place of the 6 hours of observation with a professional driving school. This supervised driving must be with a parent, guardian, or designee over the age of 21 who has a driver's license that has been valid for more than one year. These additional hours of supervised driving will be added to the currently required 40 hours of supervised parent driving.

This form acknowledges that the following Junior Operator has successfully completed the additional hours of supervised driving in place of the 6 hours of observation.

Note: If a Junior Operator had already completed some of the observation hours prior to the COVID state of emergency, they must complete the additional number of supervised driving hours needed to bring the total hours to 6. For example, they completed 2 observation hours and need 4 additional supervised hours.

Waiver for Junior Operators Parent/Guardian Affidavit of Completion